“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Monday, June 16, 2014

Design your Ultimate Lifestyle - Creating Passive Income Streams

A successful business is always the one which has a meticulously laid out plan, studying each aspect in great detail. How to meet the work in hand, what resources is needed to achieve it, how can the business be expanded, how to minimize the risks, increase the profits, ensure less losses in order to gain constant source of income.

 As a home base business owner, the basic financial queries is how to generate constant source of income. Would this income promise to multiply in figures in time to come? Etc. This begins with having a plan.  
 This article is all about focusing on gaining constant source of income

Creating a passive income streams is very important. If your business is dependent on continuously working without pause or interruption: then you are limiting your income potential which could otherwise be made to increase manifold with each passing day.

What is Passive Income?
Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of "unearned incomeWikipedia.

It is are an elixir to creating a lifestyle business, It provides ways to achieve financial freedom and stability by working less and making money even in your leisure time. These are incomes that are generated round the clock, irrespective of what you are doing in the given time slot. One can be sound asleep, or out on a family vacation and still passive income streams would continue to bring in incomes to your business, boosting the sales that require little inputs from your side. It’s all about earning more by working less.

How can passive income be generated?
What skills do you have? Drill your mind and find out the knowledge sharing you do in your everyday life, consciously or unconsciously.Use different ways to deliver the same guidance on a platform which has a bigger ambit using less of your energies.

You can record a training sessions and provide it online to train smart beginners. Bullet points of the do’s and don’ts in the internet marketing world can be expressed in the form of a article or a presentation accessible to your audience. You can use videos, eBooks, articles, presentations with catchy pictorial representations simplifying the concepts for a common layman.

In short focus should be laid on the smart usage of all those potentials that you are using currently and might refer to again in times to come. Preserve them and undertake steps to realize the same so as to reap maximum benefits from a particular set of actions.  Also if I may add, a crucial point in all this is also to create the solutions to the problems of your clients so that it’s easy for them to buy it having zero amount of regret in doing so.

 For those seeking to make fast money and can’t think of anything to share, hop on over to Fiverr.com.  Basically you can offer to do any type of service here such as impersonating celebrities, doing web services or video, to sharing your best cupcake recipes.

Check out the gigs that are getting a ton of feedback. 
It's just like any other type of marketing.  Find out what is ALREADY selling, produce a better mousetrap for it, and get it in front of a buying audience.

Fiverr pulls out their $1 so you end up with somewhere around $3.90 for each gig.
You wouldn't want to get stuck there permanently, but this is about what to do when you're desperate to make quick buck! By all that is holy, DON'T trap yourself into Fiverr Frustration.  
 It's inevitable.  You'll eventually get tired of working for peanuts.

My focus creating income streams is on helping clients and customers earn more, work less, and enjoy life online!Invest in your future by starting your own lifestyle business today.Click here to learn how to grow long-term passiveincome.

To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reason Why 95% of You Will Always Fail - No Matter How Hard You Try

There are countless people who dream of creating a successful lifestyle business, but even after putting in their whole effort they are left with failures at the end. And also as a result, they lose their money in the process. Despite the fact of your failures and also that the web market is completely flooded with good manuals, eBooks,  membership sites, etc This articles stands with just one goal that is to teach the secret of becoming a successful marketer.
If you are struggling to make things work, but failure lies on your part even after consistent efforts. And, insteadanticipating the worst, keep in mind that you might be missing some links that is turning all your efforts into vain. Until you know about this missing link success will not stick up with you.

Be optimistic

The foremost thing which you need to keep in mind is that Success and failure are just the illusion of mind. And also the real failure is when you accept it in your heart and mind. Actually the fact is we program our minds within the built boundaries. If you want to taste the real success you need to create your own boundaries. The existing belief systems are built according to one’s own comforts, and as we know that each individual has his/ her own comfort zones. So, you need to create your own standards to build a successful win over.

Set your own goals

To be as successful as you want to be you need to set your own higher goals for yourself only then you can fulfill your dreams and desire. Do not ever limit yourself to the fence created by others.  The fact is your belief is the powerhouse of your dreams which can either construct or destroy you and your business.
You need to fix the belief in your mind that what works out for others may not necessarily suite your purpose. Just following a path blindly doesn’t give successful results anyway.  For having the desired taste of success you need to create your own recipe. Only then you will be served with the kind of dish you desire. Do not expect that the first choice and ways of other people in same industry would meet yours too. They have built their own standards to make the successful fix, and now is your chance to build one for yourself.

Believe in yourself

Another most important unveiling secret of success is that you must trust your believes. Go on with the flow of your dreams and take up chances. Try out new things, take risks only then you will be able to build a concrete structure for yourself. As mentioned earlier your inner beliefs can build you or break your business even before starting it. If you carry negative believes and thinking along the way that you would never be able to make a healthy stand. Always see the situations with positivity that will not only boost you but shower the blessings of victory on you in the long run.
Putting in positive mindset will likely bring you to your goal faster. For if the thinking is positive things would seem as a new opportunity for you, but the same would be vice versa if your mind holds onto negativity.

Install confidence in your actions

Worry less about the outcome and start up your actions with a great zeal and confidence. Also psychologically if you fail to embed your actions with confidence you will never be able to carve the best of your actions. And as a consequence your business won’t rise to the desired level. Always keep in mind that negative will never produce anything positive or good, it will always award you with even more negativities in your mind and ultimately the give up point would stand as your failure.
Thus, learn to cherish your act with confidence. A damaged raw material never produces a prefect product no matter how hard you try to make up with it. The quality of input decides the quality level of the outcome.


Accomplishing your dreams to create a successful lifestyle business is a process that can be learn. The thing is you just need to keep track of few concerns. If you follow things rightly there is no chance that you won’t get the desired results of the hard work you put into your actions.
Success is the blend of hard work, self belief, self confidence, and wise decisions. And, most importantly, you must also make efforts to strengthen your already existing positive belief which will stand as the support structure of your success.
To be the king of the industry you need to act like the king. Build your own standards polished with the grace of your confidence and then see the magic happening.
Enjoy Life
Lucy Bieri
The HeartilyMarketer

Monday, May 26, 2014

Embracing 80/20 Principle 10 Ways to become a great leader - In your work from home online career

This is a complete summary of the 80/20 principle 10 ways to become a great leader by Richard Koch. The Answer to the 80/20 principle is to become effective in your work from home online career. Its about making yourself a much more effective leader. Choosing any one of the principle can transform both your own others lives..  Below are the main aspect of each of the ten ways.

  1. Investigating; ask question, such as  who is the most important customer? How can I get more with much less? How can I turbo charge my business.. Leaders in this category always ask question to seek answer that will enable them make more profit.
  1. Superconnecting; Are beneficial to the society. They regularly put two of their contacts in touch with each othe.This leaders are friendly and open to make new friends.. They don’t screen who to connect with because they never know who could benefit each other.
  1. Mentoring; everyone needs encouragement and guidance. Its impossible to perform well without a mentor.. Encouraging people is a way of being a mentor, support their team to make sure they are on course.
  1. Leveraged; they care about what they want to achieve, depends on the subconscious mind to supply them with answer. They visualize success and combine ideas that have worked wonders for them in the past. Visualize your work from home online career how you want it to be.
  1. Liberating; According to the 80/20 liberating requires and openness from both the leader and people who are being liberated. Leaders who love and care about people they work with is the best profitable strategy you can ever think of.. Encouraging your team to help each.
  1. Seeking Meaning; Meaning is a subject to the principle. Some leaders find meaning in their work through their natural gift. One of the modern philosophy’s greatest revelation has been that greatness lies within.. Finding the originality in you can lead to fulfilling life.
  1. Time Rich; The principle of 80/20 is that 20% of time worked leads to 80% of wealth creation.  Time rich leaders identify the most valuable aspect of their work, focus on it and ignore the rest.. Spending too much time on your work from home online career does not necessary equals to more money. Becoming time rich can boost your life in different ways.
  1. Simplifying; Successful leaders have a habit of making complex task simple. They don create unnecessary task. Feeding the mind with simple message, creating one primary simple goal a day and focus on it.. Their motto; don’t worry about anything else, do just one thing at a time the most important thing.
  1. Lazy; Laziness leads to progress when allied with intelligent thought and high ambition.. Laziness enforces selectivity. Selecting what to do with confidence that you can control the work in less hour create good result.. It is worth to select what to do daily.
  2.  Strategic Leaders, dream up better ways of doing business. They think hard, they device a superior business model and a strategy to achieve it.. They have a habit of refreshing their business model and vision to make it profitable. Always adding value to Customers..
People who follow principle are successful, it’s a belief that guides and help you take necessary action..
As to methods there may be million and then some, but principle are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have troubles.Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The value of 80/20 principle can change your mindset in the way you do your business. View the ten qualities as different ways to become an 80/20 leader. Think of them as a menu of which you can choose from. Mastering one can still transform your work from home online career. Embracing the 80/20 is life enhancing for everyone. It is the answer to become an effective leader, a passport to work paradise.
To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

Embracing 80/20 Principle 10 Ways to become a great leader - In your wor...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big Lifestyle Business Goals Need Big Action

While surfing around the web randomly, I bummed into a number of current events, advertisements, newsletter flashing on and off on the screen relating to this fast changing dynamic world.
As I sat there scrolling through each one of the updates, I got into a general wondering of smart people wanting to build a lifestyle business. People that focuses on creating a business that is designed to suit the way they wish to live.

Dynamic world changes very fast, only those who are in a position to make good decisions, switching to follow their dream blatantly leaving whatever they are doing in the present that isn't a benefitial. Sure a job with minimal risks, constant source of income and definite periodic promotions sounds too good of a deal and the idea of working against all odds, switching in between jobs sounds filmy.

But in this competitive world, it is of utmost importance to keep moving forward; willing and having the necessary passion to do well in life, being someone who is followed by people and not one of the followers.
Usually a strong persona with an ambitious mind driven by positive instincts is what constitutes the core of a successful person. 

One needs to identify these traits within themselves, practice to make it its unrivalled feature and master excellence so that it always ends up achieving a little more than just making slow yet considerable progress in the ladder of life.

As an entrepreneur it is needed that one has the guts to take up bold decisions, believe in the potential of its own think big! Sometimes our profession demands for initiatives with “n” number of future uncertainties.

You don’t know what the end result would be, but you got to do it anyway because it COULD be what you have anticipated for. One has to be quick enough to grab the opportunity in hand before anyone else does, even if you are not sure if you’ll be able to run the business, you don’t have to be a brainer to be successful in a lifestyle business. Life is a learning process, if you don’t know it yet, it’s just a matter of time you’ll learn the correct ways of doing it. Plus, the universe is there to guide you all along the way too.

Only once you put your heart into something is when the final goal of getting out there and making it happen plan reaches its crescendo.

Hope the article here at least provokes you to do something unusual this week, building up the ground foundation to developing a lifestyle business.
Just be bold and feisty enough so that the world knows it has a one more formidable opponent to compete with. Mark your way, declare you commitment and invite the people to be a part of your skills show.

 Click for more detail

To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Start Afresh - Give Yourself The Lifestyle You Deserve

Frustrated by continuous failures in your lifestyle business? Maybe you need to halt for a while, review your business and goals with a fresh mind. Doesn’t matter how bad it may look, at least you will be able to view the direction in which you are moving towards your goals if it’s working. I believe that starting afresh will help you with going the right direction.
Working continuously without stopping obviously slows down the brain and can frustrates you. This is when you need to take a break, sometimes starting all over again helps more than a small break. Efficiency can be brought into your business with the help of a fresh mind and new beginning”. For instance, take writing on a paper. If you scribble too much, it doesn’t look good anymore, only a new paper can help you make your work look good.

New beginnings help with keeping your goals on track and not losing the path; that’s what I believe. I would recommend you to give invitation to new beginnings into your business.
Go back to your first day in a new business

Remember when you first started with your lifestyle business? The way you felt very high about all the wonders you could do and bring yourself a recognition, living the dot com lifestyle, you were excited, trepidated, and oblivious to life’s new gifts? These feelings have held you to start off with great determination. Go back and think about it. The new beginning was the source of all your dreams, dreams that you have to fulfil.

When you start afresh, you are capable of bringing new ideas to the working methods and make them better. You are captivated by simpler and more efficient ways with fresh energy and motivation

Make the change you deserve.
If you’re not happy with your current business, stop and think about what you’re doing.  What can you change to reach your goal? Give yourself an honest answer. Sometimes taking up new business or business model can do the magic. You don’t have to be frustrated if your business is not going the way you want.
Remember, there is no one way to achieving result and success, there are different routes to take… As long as you have the desire to succeed continue working on improving yourself.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. So why don’t you take a deep breath and dedicate yourself into starting off afresh? Redefine your inner potential, bring yourself out with a new devotion. You’ll be astounded by the progress you will be making! Gift yourself the lifestyle you deserve and desire, attain your goal in the best possible way.
To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

Monday, May 12, 2014

Things Most People Don’t Know About Lifestyle Business

When we are specifically talking about lifestyle business, then the first thing which strikes our mind is the probability of success. Some people are generally not so positive about lifestyle business, because the entire idea is typically criticized by our society. One of the most important factors, which are quite a considerable one, is the success rate of lifestyle business. Many people, who opt for lifestyle business, are somehow unable to succeed.
Beach Lifestyle
So, lets look at some of those factors, which are not known to many people.
  1. Time saving menu – One of the most important thing about lifestyle business, is the option of working according to your comfort. Though, you will have to work, and you just can’t stop working for enjoyment. The positive point about lifestyle business is the fact that people who opt for this generally enjoy doing their work; therefore, they are not bored OR frustrated by their business. Moreover, you will only need a decent internet connection, and you can surely work from world’s exotic places.
  1. Getting your life back – One can certainly get his/her life back with lifestyle business, because no one going to interfere with your work, and you are your own boss. You will have a healthy life because you are not frustrated with the work pressure, and you will always enjoy the work. Lifestyle business might not be the safest way to spend your life, but it’s definitely worth a try it.
  2. Tear apart your fears – well, lifestyle business is also not easy to maintain, because you will definitely find yourself in situations where you might run out of money, but failure will teach you something about yourself. You will have to be confident enough to tackle all those problems, and then move forward with it.
  3. Spend time with family and friends – this is the biggest thing which you might gain, while having a lifestyle business. You will find ample amount of time to spend with your family and friends, and that particular time spent with your loved ones, will certainly be memorable.
  1. Finding true friends – when you decide to start a lifestyle business, you will see that most of your friends are criticizing and laughing at your decision, while some of your friends will actually support you too. So, now you can differentiate between friends, who are actually going to help you in your bad times. You are actually gaining a lot with lifestyle business.
  1. Don’t be foolish – some people just start a lifestyle business by sacrificing their full time job, and when they fail at this, they start regretting their decision. Well, to be honest, you won’t have to sacrifice your full time job, because you may never know, which plans are going to work out for you. Always have some monetary backup with yourself, otherwise you might find yourself totally bankrupted. Keep your job, while building a lifestyle business, and see how things work out for you before deciding t quit your job.
Anybody can build a lifestyle business, you don’t have to be a brainer to make it work. Your desire, perseverance and actions will aid you to building a lifestyle business. Last but not the least, learn to confront your fears, and take risks with your life, because you are only going to live once.

                                                                          Lifestyle Business With BIM

To Your Success
Lucy Bieri