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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Categories of Difficult Behavior That Can Cause Problem When Influencing Prospect

They are too many difficult people lurking around, many of them obvious to their status. Let us be realistic, we all have difficult behavior at times. However certain categories that exhibit a mode of behavior can be irritating or cause problem time to time even when prospecting.
In this post, I will list common behavior you are likely to encounter and suggestion how you can persuade them to tone down their difficult behavior.

difficult behavior 8 Categories of Difficult Behavior That Can Cause Problem When Influencing Prospect
1.       The antagonist
A very difficult person to deal with. They have tendency to oppose to anything you trying to convey to them. Their difficult behavior can move from ignoring, to unfriendliness, to rudeness, sarcastic remarks and bickering. Sometimes you know what’s causing it. At other times you have to try to guess. These people feel that being antagonist or aggressive is the only way to get result. Dealing with this category of people can leave you emotionally drained, because they can be sarcasm, dismissing you or your statement, not listening to you or hogging your conversation. Sometimes these people are not aware of the effect they have on people with their style of behavior. If you don’t tell them about their style of delivering, they can carry on upsetting you.
Asking question to unearth the problem in a sensitive way is the best way forward.  Open ended question should be used. The way you present your information will reduce defensiveness on their part and they may actually listen.

2.       The Dampener
When you are communicating with these kinds of people, they always come with package of annoying habits and traits. Many of these people lack self-awareness and are obvious to their doom and gloom nature. They tend to be good on detail and as they counter your proposal or suggestion they will typically bore you with mass of superfluous facts and figures.
It is important to remember that this difficult behavior is not design to be awkward. It is just how this person is. They are particular personality type. For better or for worse. They jump from idea to idea and so you often need to curtail a conversation with this person as they pile more and more reasons for you to digest.

3.      Explosive
people show explosive bust of anger that happens instantly when you try influencing them. The person  in this category are short tempered and are usually ashamed at their loss of self-control when they are calmed. What you need to do, is to curtail their tirade. Keep Calm do not use word that will make things worse. You need to get their attention by using their name at the volume that can be heard above their ranting.. The key is not to show vulnerability and diminution of your own self esteem. So don’t play in their hand. Keep calm. Try words that will diffuse the show of anger, demonstrate cooperation, whilst at the same maintaining your original stance.

4.       The Extrovert
 The extrovert species are highly irritating due to an extreme hunger for attention. They crave for constant attention leaving no room for your feeling and request. They tend to lack empathy as they spend their time trying to be noticed. If you have a prospect in this category of difficult behavior, they simply don’t have time for you. They want adulation and compliments. You can let them have this and then add your own comments and opinion after you have acknowledged their worth. This people are narcissist. Their motto is: that is enough about you, let’s talk about me. But you need to bring them back down to earth.  Always stick to your guns. When they agree to that request of yours, ask them to put it in writing or drop you an email to confirm because they promise a lot and they may forget a lot too.

5.       Procrastination
People in this category won’t make decision; making up their mind is daunting especially if they have different variables to choose from. The only way you can convince them is give them more information, give them prove that something is so. They like fact and figures. There natural skepticism makes them doubt the validity of most things. You will need empathy to get to the root of their indecision and also sympathy for their difficult behavior. Then you can set about helping them through the decision process at their own pace.

6.       The Rigid
It is difficult to get this people to consider any other possibilities that you put to them because their approach is rigid. They don’t like to change especially changing from what they believe is right. They like detail and minutiae and any invitation to change will result
coping with difficult people 8 Categories of Difficult Behavior That Can Cause Problem When Influencing Prospect
them asking you what is wrong with their situation. They ignore any proposal, they don’t see the big picture and don’t see life the way you see it. They may be more introspective than other people and therefore have tendency to be slow in responding to requests anyway. They have very difficult behavior to deal with. They are so rigid in their knowledge, that you may not have the courtesy of a response to your question. They always make their point, eventually you may just run out of time and patience. So no dialogue. One way

7.       The Self Important
come across this people just about everywhere, they are generally concerned about them self. They don’t think they have to put themselves in another person’s shoes. They only see the world in their own perspective. This people are so preoccupied in showing how important they are that there is no room to assimilate what you are actually saying to them or the view point you are trying to convey. The most important point is not to take things personally. They are playing a role, they like validating their self-importance. So as you are dealing with any kind of difficult person – separate the difficult behavior from this person, before putting your interest forward.

8.       The untrustworthy
When you consider the importance of trust in forming good relationship and in the process of persuasion, it is evidence that dealing with untrustworthy people makes life just that bit more difficult.  We come across people who just lie and people who are prone to exaggerate. Much of this happen in our everyday life. Sometimes their insecurity makes them behave this way. To tackle this difficult behavior, focus on their behavior, let them know that you don’t believe a word they say, this will leave the door open for further discussion. Remember, untrustworthiness affects all of us in our personal and business lives. So you handle this person delicately. Point out the error in their ways. But to be honest, in many cases it is a lost cause.

If you are after better outcome in prospecting, the responsibility falls to you when it comes to handling people with difficult behavior that come across your parts in your personal and professional lives. So the solution is to tackle the situation by identifying the source of their difficult behavior.

In my next post, we will look at how best to deal with behavior problem, so look out for it.

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