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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

101- Use New Keyword Planner to Improve Blog Content and Increase Visibility on the Web

Keyword Planner
Listen up 101 network marketing online bloggers, the fantastic Google New Keyword Planner is here and you can use it for giving your blogs the visibility it craves

So how does this happen?

As many of you may have noticed in your blog-writing career, good quality does not guarantee visibility! You have to strategize and incorporate the right SEO techniques to get the result.

With the coming of the Google Keyword Planner, External Adword Keyword Tool has become redundant. How does this new situation help bloggers?

When it comes to SEO techniques incorporating the best keywords in your blog post is the way to go! However, this is better said than done. With the exciting new planner coming to your aid, the process becomes easier than before, this much is for sure.

Some of the things you can do with Google Keyword Planner include

  •   Keyword research

  •   Getting traffic estimates

  •   Getting historical statistics

  •    Keyword estimate

  •  Saving to account feature 
Many times bloggers promote the products and services of various companies through their writing. In such situations, it is crucial to use proper online network marketing techniques for getting maximum mileage and promote branding successfully.

Whether you are looking for appropriate keywords for new blog promotion or want to infuse life to your existing campaign, Google Keyword Planner can help. Find ideas for ad groups or keywords through search volume statistics.

This user-friendly planner allows proper planning of your SEO campaign and helps you to get accurate estimates.  Know about the performance capabilities of specific keyword groups within definite budgets and bids.If you have an existing keyword list test it thoroughly to know its chances of performing and attracting traffic.
Google Keyword Planner

How to use the Keyword  Planner

§        Keyword Search
Search for keyword ideas and do a proper planning for your blog so that it can become a successful part of online network marketing. Google Keyword Planner allows ad-group idea searches along with specific keyword search in easy to use steps.

      Upload/enter Keywords
For existing lists, you need to upload them in the planner for testing their viability for specific campaigns using blogs. Get statistics regarding search volume and related click data estimates.

             Combined Keyword lists
With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can do away with the manual submission of multiple keyword lists, which is a time consuming process. Here, the online tool merges various list and give you accurate estimates. For the new keywords generated for your blog, you can now get historical statistics and  traffic estimates.

Writing killer blogs and getting them seen by your targeted audience is not difficult when you have the all-new Google Keyword Planner to aid your online network marketing campaigns.


       To Your Success

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