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Friday, November 22, 2013

3 Ways to Use Autoresponders to Drive Traffic to Your Site http

A blogger is always thinking of ways to drive more and more traffic to his or her blog and use that traffic to make more money. As a blogger it is always important to build-up an email list of your blog’s followers or people who subscribe to your newsletter etc. in this article I’ll tell you three ways to use autoresponders to drive traffic to your site.

Let’s have a look at them and then you can decide which one is the best for you or may be all of them.

1.      Open Way To Your Archives

Most of the bloggers write and post frequently to their blogs and as the time passes only the latest posts are shown first, therefore the readers don’t get any chance to see or read the old posts, especially the new visitors and they don’t tend to dig deeper either. Therefore, think of it as a challenge and try to get visitors to your old posts because even though they’re old they can still help you to get some good traffic.
Take some of the best posts from your archives and send emails to your mailing list, you can send one post every week to highlight the posts individually. Another way is to send 3-5 best posts in one email but readers might not read or check all of them but as long as you’re putting your old posts to use it’s good enough.

2.      Promote Affiliate Products

If your blog has some affiliate products that you recommend to almost everyone then autoresponders are a good way to promote those products and make some money off their sales. It’s quite easy, you can add a promotion of an affiliate product in your auto responder sequence and if your readers take your emails seriously then you’re in good luck because if only a small ratio of your mailing list buys that product you’ll make some good money. Go on and make good use of your mailing list with autoresponders.

3.      Provide Tips

You can use auto responder sequence to provide different sort of tips to your blog’s subscribers. But wait, isn’t that something you already do on your blog? Well, the tips can be tailored according to the category readers subscribe to. Moreover, a short tip in the email along with the relevant article or three articles will also help you to get some traffic on those posts.

The above three ways among many other ways of using auto responders can help you to get traffic for your site. You can use multiple auto responders running at once or a single one depending upon the number of subscribers or the techniques that suite your needs. You can set up an auto responder sequence quite easily using one of the best services out there for autoresponders, Aweber.

Let me know how these techniques work for you and if there are other ways that you use to generate traffic to your blog through autoresponders then let everyone know in the comments section below.

To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

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