“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Monday, November 11, 2013

Unraveling the Secret to Becoming an Entrepreneur

I bet you like the idea of  starting your  own business. Planning to set up your own business is in fact an awesome idea. Having the ability to generate extra income, enjoying the privileges of having a flexible work time, taking no orders from a boss, among other things are the advantages of having your very own business. This article contains a discussion on how anyone could become an entrepreneur including the right mindset and traits that one should develop in order to become a successful one.
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The Concept of Entrepreneurial Instinct

You probably know the terms survival instinct or maternal instinct but in this write-up, it is the concept of entrepreneurial instinct that will be explained. The common denominator of these three concepts can be accurately described by the words innate and universal. When we say innate, it means something that is inborn or natural. On the other hand, the word universal refers to something that is all-encompassing. It is applicable to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or status.

Entrepreneurial instinct refers to the innate ability of people to be mentally tough in order to produce something out of nothing. It is a special kind of instinct that makes people see opportunities in a business context. One might contest to that statementbut the truth is everyone possesses this instinct and it’s just that some people may need more time and effort to discover and make use of this ability. The ability of being mentally tough also includes the skill to take logical risks and to get back on your feet when things result in failure. When you hear success stories of dropouts who have become successful entrepreneurs, you are seeing entrepreneurial instinct in action.

Key Traits and Proper Mindset

Entrepreneurs are risk takersand it’s not in their nature to play safe. They seize every opportunity in the pursuit of their goal to build their future.  An entrepreneur is willing to go beyond his comfort zone to venture into something that involves taking risks. In some cases, this is exactly the reason why sometimes those that seem inferior in terms of academic performance and other skills are the ones that turn out to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.
Another key trait that you need to develop is persistence. Do not expect to magically become a millionaire overnight. You have to persistently work for it and continue to strive despite of being faced with challenges or failures.
Lastly, the right mindset that is most needed to become an entrepreneur is optimism. You need to constantly have a positive disposition and determination to hurdle anything especially if the going gets tough.  It is like treating every opportunity as a way to tap potentials and failures as an opportunity to learn.

How to Train Your Mind to Become More Entrepreneurial

A proper understanding of entrepreneurship combined with lots of determination is the key formula needed to train your brain to become more entrepreneurial. When you enter the world of entrepreneurship, you must expect to experience failure at some point especially when you’re just starting to get the hang of it. It is fear that prevents people from trying to step into the world of entrepreneurship. Fear is a natural reaction of the brain when people are faced with things that involve a lot of risk, but in order to become successful in this field you need to learn how to switch it off or at least minimize its effects. Another trick is to focus on the reward instead of the possible losses that may occur.
Setting up your own business may seem like an intimidating idea but with sheer determination and a positive disposition, you will surely come a long way. Be willing to start small and work your way up. Just remember the things discussed in this article and you will be just fine.
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To your Success
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