“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Steps to Create a Prosperous and Fulfilling 2014

Looking Ahead
2013 has come and gone, some people will be wondering how to kick off  with 2014 .. In this post, I will give you some food for thought so that you can have an amazing start into legendary 2014.
Below, I share with you three easy steps to take to Create a Prosperous and Fulfilling 2014

1.  Reflect back to 2013

Take out a sheet of paper ,write down your answers to these reflection questions.
  •  Where did you succeed? Celebrating even the small wins is important.
  •  What did you enjoy most? Are you passionate about your work?. If not, then its time for a change.
  •  Where did you fail? - Looking at your own failures can be tough, but it is a necessary exercise. If you want to move forward, you must be honest about where you were not successful. Maybe it was something that you didn’t give your all, or perhaps something you said you were going to do, but didn’t.
  •  What lessons did you learn? – You should always be learning. What lessons did life teach you in the past year? Understanding them will help you grow and be ready for similar situations in the future.
  •  What will you do differently? The one thing you can control is yourself. What will you do differently in the coming year? Don’t blame others for your behavior. Your attitude is a choice, make sure you choose a good one.
  •  What is the status of your goals? -  Did you reach your goal in 2013? Review each of your  goals and determine their status. Maybe you need to spend more effort on them, or even change them entirely.

2. Get Your Goal Ready: What 2014 Are You Going to Create?

When you ask the question what 2014 you are going to create. It It will help you tremendously to achieve many things in 2014 that you set out to achieve. Make it simple and clear for you to understand Focusing on three areas;
  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How will you get there?
These are personal questions I like to ask myself, its alternative to goal setting, and works perfectly well, because it makes me see the big picture before going into details  using the SMART Goal Setting Tool. Using the WWH questions to create your 2014, which you will never forget.

3. Create Habits

Remember, a goal is nothing without implementing habit into your business life. Habits are powerful forces..  Example, being consistent with your work routine even if its 3 days weekly work habit. Be disciplined in doing that. View self-discipline as positive effort, rather than one of denial. You can use task Scheduling to tackle your task, be selective to what it’s most important to your goals and Improving yourself and reaching goals. It’s important to Implement a set of habits that gets you closer to that goal.

Looking back, looking ahead matters to business success.  End of year reflection lets you see what you have done as well as make it a beginning for a new year and new endeavours. Take a moment to look back, remember, and learn. Then, take a look forward to your next great journey..

To Your Success..
Lucy Bieri

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