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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Fixes - Stay updated with the new offers

There was a time when Facebook was mainly used to communicating overseas friends and sharing personal feelings with some selected ones. But this new world has accepted Facebook differently and utilized its popularity as a fertile marketing place. Someone asked me few days ago, how can she make the best use of this social network? As a result, I am here with some small tricky Facebook fixes.

Facebook may behave strange for those page holders who have been detached for long. New Facebook offers you to select your category and sub-category. To stay updated, go to the ‘Edit Page’, update Page Info and after that choose your category and sub category. 

Select them properly. Remember, these Facebook fixes would help you to be found easily.
Posting time is vital to get your fans alive. Waking up in the morning and making a post is really a weird idea. I have seen a number of admins who do post just for the sake of post at a time they think right.

 With the new Facebook fixes, you do not need to be drowned in uncertainty. You just need to click ‘See All’ (in the admin panel under ‘Insight’), the ‘Posts’ and then ‘When your fans are online’. Now you can check the time when your maximum fans remain online. Choose a time that is closer to the highest peak. As this time changes frequently, don’t forget to check them every now and then.

Choose an attractive cover photo so that it can notably increase the amount of your fans. Don’t miss to add a catchy description with CTA (call-to-action). To ensure the visit of your fans, place an URL that can directly lead them to your site only by one click.

I have seen a “frequently-questioning” tendency among today’s admins. I have doubts whether they bother about the meaning or usefulness of the questions or not. Like, “How is your morning?”, “What’s your favorite pet animal?” “Do you like beef?” I really don’t believe that these questions are able to engage your fans. The best way is asking productive questions that are relevant to marketing and business.

Prompt responding has huge significance in making your campaigns and media strategies successful. It’s hard to respond within one hour, but customers are not at all interested to wait more than one hour for your answer.

New Facebook fixes suggest you to make a sharp response and use your initials or name to sign off. This will undoubtedly help in keeping your fans more connected. To humanize your company, put a name or face to your social media.

When you are responding to their questions, try to mention them by their names. By this your fans will be more motivated and connected with you.

If you are a new page holder, then these Facebook fixes will definitely come to your help. For the old ones, they are blessings. Please, try to maintain your page following these fixes; you will be able to hook up your fans in your page, no doubt!

To your Success
Lucy Bieri.

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