“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Friday, February 21, 2014

Strong Mental Focus Makes the Day Productive

How many of you utter the same words every day after turning off your computer, “Damn! I forgot the most important work I should have done first.”? I understand how rude the situation is! Every morning you wake up and get lost in a huge amount of emails, phone calls, social media requests, meetings, get together with friends and what not. If you give priority to each and every event of your daily activities, then I much say, you are suffering from lack of focus.
I have said “suffering from” because I believe, in this tight busy internet marketing world, if you run out of your focus, then you need to get well soon. No, I am not kidding. If you cannot pick up your most important job in the very beginning of your day, then you will definitely feel yourself empty at the end of the day.
There is nothing to be worried about. I have some real tricky and interesting ways of maintaining the mental focus and I believe, it will help you in passing a productive week.
Your first and foremost duty should be pointing out the tasks you cannot avoid. You will have thousands of things to do and all of them may seem important. So, don’t run after the “seem important” things, rather, try to reach and fulfill your “most important” things first.
Start your day by thinking for at least five minutes about what you are going to focus on today. From my point of view, consider the activities that can bring a positive change to your career, activity that brings most benefits to your life. Apparently give up the thoughts that you need to respond a phone call or give answers to an email.
Human mind is forgetful. Not only that, if you even claim that you can remember things quite well, you may shuffle your priority list getting biased on particular situation. The best technique of remaining focused is writing down the top three “must be done” jobs and follow it. You may also keep sticky notes or use your notebook. It is better if you can do this job the day before.
I hope you sleep well and your morning starts with great enthusiasm. But, before getting over-enthusiastic and opening the email, I would like to suggest doing at least one task of the list. I am pretty much sure, after opening the email; your focus may get shaky. So, secure at least one important job before getting lost.
Now, after passing a long day accomplishing some productive works, check your list again and again. Cross off the task that has already been done. Most importantly, make another list of top three jobs for tomorrow. Don’t ever think that you can manage sorting out the works just tomorrow morning. Make sure, tomorrow morning you are going to focus on a completely new list already created the day before.
Try to be a bit organized. If you are a busy person, don’t waste your time in thinking what you are doing and what you are forgetting all the time. Make a list of works and focus on it.. People who achieve their goals are not different to you, it’s their commitment to the process that makes them different.
You have goals and dreams you want to achieve - building a successful business. Solution is Commit to a habit to focus on most important task. At the end of the day, you turn off your computer with a smiling face knowing that you accomplished the task of the day.
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To Your Success
Lucy Bieri

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