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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Useful Techniques for Boosting Up Facebook Likes

Do you have a facebook fan page that is suffering from a drought of likes? You are certainly wondering whether you can do something to increase likes on your page. Of course you can. There are some tested techniques that are really useful for increasing facebook likes.
The best way to increase the amount of facebook likes on your page is increasing your activity or engagement in the page. It is quite natural that the more people’s activity on the updates of your page, the more your page will be visible on their timeline that will create an opportunity for your page to get likes from their friends.
Now it is quite normal to pop up in your mind, “how do I increase engagement in my facebook page?” Well, that’s what I am going to tell you now. The best way to increase your engagement is updating status and posts regularly. You can also post a photo, sometimes a video. There are also other things such as adding a milestone or an event. While posting a status make sure that it is not lengthy to irritate people.
Another useful technique in getting more facebook likes is starting a blog where you can inform the readers about your presence on facebook. In the blog you can have a link of your facebook fan page. The readers by clicking on the link would be updated regularly about your product or brand as well as would bring more potential clients.
Running a giveaway contest only for the facebook fans is a tested technique for increasing facebook likes. If your fan page is based on a service or a product, you can run a giveaway contest on your facebook page which would create value in the target community and therefore bring an increase in the number of likes on your page.
There is an effective way in which you can get more likes on your facebook fan page if you are willing to spend a little amount of money. You can begin a campaign for marketing on facebook and can have the ad filtered by keywords, location, age and sex in order to be sure that you are targeting the appropriate people. Though in this method you have to spend a little, you are more likely to get a considerable number of likes as well as potential customers if the filters are set correctly.
Asking your family and friends to like your facebook page is yet another way for increasing facebook likes. This method is especially more useful for those pages that are just setting off.  But if you are maintaining a fan page for your client then this idea is not appropriate as the likes you would bring may not match the client’s target community.
There are some ways that you should never follow to increase likes on your facebook fan page. You must not like another page just for the possibility of getting a like back. It is also not proper to buy likes. Buying facebook likes means wasting your hard earned money as those likes would not make any difference in increasing sales and would not also bring more likes. Moreover such activity is against the terms of facebook.
So if you are struggling for likes with an existing facebook fan page or planning to open a new one, you can follow the techniques discussed and hopefully they would prove real helpful in getting bulk of facebook likes.

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Lucy Bieri

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