“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs – Empowering You To Create The Life You Desire

Ever think if you did not have to slog in the office from 9 to 5, and yet earn enough to take a vacation whenever you want. Or better finish that novel you had been planning to write; which has been collecting dust in the corner of your table? Or fix that garden you wanted behind your kitchen, instead of having to wake up every morning, dress and head to work?
Lifestyle Biz
Most of us would categorize the above mentioned scenarios as our personal utopia, the ideal. We would love to achieve this seemingly impossible ideal that we picture in our minds. But what if it was not an illusion? What if you could make a living from doing what you loved best? The internet gives you ultimate freedom to narrow down on your area of liking and expertise and pursue it; leaving you with enough time to pursue any real time activity that you choose to.

It is possible to create the life you desire, in your own space and time, doing what’s more important to you than how much you make from doing it. You have the ability to maximize profitability by minimizing the hours spent to achieve it. And this is   what sets a Lifestyle Entrepreneur apart from other business. The notion is to change one’s personal life in a manner that suits you doing whatever you need to do and achieving the goals you set.

Imagine having a job where you don’t have to answer to no one but yourself; you set targets for your lifestyle business and the span within which to achieve them and you reach them. You may work out of your apartment or an island in the Caribbean. The choice is yours to make.

Among Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, the word ‘Lifestyle’ is of great importance. Anything and everything they choose to do, revolve around their personal lifestyle. Profits and other money making agendas take a back seat. However, it is not entirely ignored, since they are still entrepreneurs.
Unlike new start-up businesses that are mostly money minded, since they need to establish their business, Lifestyle entrepreneurs are in that sense, more laid back. They build products for the market that they would personally purchase, which is why the product sales is a hit. Also, this aspect helps build a following among consumers.

Finding one’s target audience, or the people the product will be of use to, becomes crucial. Lifestyle entrepreneurs do not necessarily bring out products that change the way an individual lives; they only take daily life situations and better it in the manner that they would like to better their own lives.
Therefore, there is also a sense of service attached to this otherwise seemingly working habit. Lifestyle entrepreneurship then becomes a mode of self-gratification, with a two-pronged effect: personal satisfaction and creating money. LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN!

Combining work and play would be the ideal for any individual, and Lifestyle entrepreneurship promises exactly that. You work by your rules; play by your rules; and in the process, do some service to society.

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