“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newbie or Smart Beginner - Which Category do you Belong?

Online TrainingSuccessful online marketer were once beginners They started out somewhere, but one thing kept them going and that is Mindset. 

We all started out as a beginner, and make different experiences. Some make excuses while others take actions.

Those who don’t take action always make excuses and wonder why others get result they not. They call themselves Newbies, and remain in that Level.

 They don't want to help them self to move forward. That is a wrong mindset. The smart beginners take action because they have a MINDSET.

Smart beginners want to learn something new. They know they're smart and they’ll learn quickly. This type of person has a good attitude about themselves.

You have the choice of choosing the category you want to belong. But I guarantee you. The category you decide to place yourself will determine how long you REMAIN at the beginner level.

If you'd like to find out which category you’re in, how to get into the "Smart Beginner" category and just about solve all your kitchen table online marketing and business issues in 60 or so minutes, get yourself on this webinar.

smart beginner
Here's what will be covered specifically:

We'll make our recommendation for which social network you must go deep into and why

·         A daily marketing routine that you can follow and stick with it. You won't be confused about what to do on a daily   basis anymore. Smart beginners follow a marketing  plan

·         How to get your Marketing Funnel up in 90 days instead of 9 or 19 months without overwhelm, without spending a lot of money (at all) that scales with you as you grow.

·         What training you should and shouldn't purchase and why...Who you should and shouldn't follow, which online communities to participate with, and which to avoid.

·         What to do with your blog during your first 90 days...hint: it's NOT endlessly writing blog posts. You actually only need 3 pages at your blog. We'll show you exactly what they should be and why. Believe it or not, once you do all the above, you actually want to blog everywhere except your own blog.

·         3 easy daily activities that will bring you a trickle of traffic. That trickle will lead to a stream of traffic. That will lead to a river of traffic. That ends up being an ocean of traffic. It COMPOUNDS over time...

Newbie with bad attitude ignores the call, but a smart beginner takes action. To get started as a smart beginner, click on the link below to claim your sport.
smart beginner
So the choice is yours to decide which category you belong. Remember, successful marketer was once a smart beginner, having a trainer helped him/her moved forward.

           To your Success

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