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Nolan Bushnell

Monday, September 9, 2013

3 New Ways to Build a Quality Downline with a Social Media Strategy

Have you exhausted all possible ways in trying to form your down-line? Are you burdened with the thought of having to pay again for the same ineffective tools you have been using for your network marketing? Recruiting good people for your down-line would be impossible especially if you don’t use a social media strategy.
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Here are 3 new ways to help draw people to your down line using social media.

Sell Yourself Intelligently

If you have a business, it is not only important to advertise what you provide or do, you also have to show proof that you are the best in that category. If you make and sell cupcakes, you should join foodie groups and forums. Upload photos of your goods and blog about it. Be visible on Facebook or Pinterest. You need to show that you are highly capable of creating quality products and not just all sales pitches. People will be drawn to you if they are confident to trust you with their needs.

Accounts, Profiles, Handles

Registering on the most popular social media websites is free so make the most of this liberty. Create accounts or profiles to all social media websites you know to have different audience based. Once people become curious to know more about you, they would visit your website and inquire. In a way, you already have sold them your business without really selling anything yet. Make sure to create a catchy description on your profile about your business since you want to be the first person in their mind once they need your goods or service.

Be Visible Across Social Media but Focus on One or Two

Since the growth of social media online, thousands of similar website followed in hopes of getting more audience. Even if you have tens or hundreds of social media account, you need to know where exactly your customers found you. By knowing this, you will be able to focus more on those sites since they were web pages that brought most of your business. You must also be very visible on the pages that have the most social media engagement so that you can have a good business relationship with your followers.
With an appropriate social media strategy, your business will bloom in just no time. By utilizing this type of network marketing, you might never need to pay anymore for an advertisement in the future!

                To Your Success

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