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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ten Rules in Social Media Marketing

To o be triumphant on your network marketing business, you must be able to maximize social media marketing. However, social media and business sometimes don’t mix well so you must follow a certain set of rules. Here are ten rules for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Be Consistent

This is very important to business no matter whatever type of marketing you use. For social media marketing, you must be very active in posting regularly and consistent with your social engagement online.

Show You’re an Expert

This means that you have to show that you are an expert on what you do so people will believe in your services. If you are a makeup artist, for example, post videos about makeup tutorials. This way, people will know that you really know what you claim online.

Show Interest to Your Audience

For people to follow you online, you must show that you actually care about what they think or say about you.  Show interest to them by reading mails or replying to comments. Make sure you sound genuine and not sound fake since you want them to trust you.

Don’t Sound Like a Computer

Avoid sounding like you read from a copy-pasted a script when interacting online. You want to sound serious but still as humanly as possible. People tend to trust brands or services if they can trust the people behind it too.


One general rule for any business is that you must be committed and accessible to your customers. If you receive product questions daily, reply to them as soon as possible. However, being accessible doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of your replies. Take time to personalize your responses.

It’s About You Not Me

Make sure your audience feels that whatever you do, it’s for them. Remember you are trying to attract a market, so everything that you post online must be something that your target customers would want.

Nobody Wants SPAM

As much as possible, you want to be discreet in telling your customer that they need to buy from you. They don’t want to receive mails telling them about products on a constant basis like spams. These will make your customers lose their trust on you since they would feel that you are only after their money. In short, you don’t want to rub business in your customers face directly like what spams do.


Some social media tools like Google alerts can help you monitor anything that can be associated with your business. This will help you keep tabs on potential clients that share the same interest with you since they might be the people who can help you later on.

Show Authority

Even if you put your customers on top priority, you still have to show authority to your audience. This way, they will be at ease to talk business with you since they know you are the one knowledgeable about the business.

The Power of Blogs

With blogging, you can have SEO advantage, obtain more website traffic, and build trust. Blogging is definitely one powerful way of network marketing online. Once you have mastered the art of blogging, you are giving your customers more reason to come back and listen to what you have to say.

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