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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Engage Your Target Audience

One of the best way I know to get network marketing leads is by engaging the Audience. Now that we have developed our goal and set steps to achieve that goal, we need an effective way to engage our audience.  The first tactic to engage the audience is to ask a question they can easily answer. 

 If they answer a question relating to the product of interest, they are engaged and more willing to make subsequent steps.  The question is even stronger and more effective if it elicits an emotion from the potential customer.

target audience

For example, If you are promoting Home base business product or service, the question should be in a platform frequented by the predetermined target audience and the question should remind them how hard they’ve worked for their money and the opportunities that await to supplement that income while still appealing to their financial intelligence.

  Ask your audience if they have the life they’ve always wanted and if they feel they deserve a break after working so hard at a job where they answer to a boss.  Talk to their desire! Questions can take the form of any of the following:

Your choice – do you prefer going into an office every day, working 9-5 for an unappreciative boss or setting your own hours and working from home?  You decide – which option is best for your family?  Yes or no – you’d like to set your own hours and take vacations when they work for your schedule?  Caption this – if you could go anywhere in the world on a family vacation tomorrow, where would you go?  Or fill in the blank – if I had more control over my own time I’d spend on day a week if the potential customer feels they are communicating with a product or business, they are more likely to make a purchase.

While it is particularly helpful when selling tangible products to provide pictures and feedback demonstrating the best elements of the product, when promoting more abstract ideas such as video email service proposals or investments, it is equally as important to have something visually engaging to capture your audience’s attention. 

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr and Instagram are so filled with color and images and exclamation marks that to advertise anything in this media that doesn’t appeal visually first, you’ve lost half your audience outright.  Imagine looking through the classified ads in a newspaper, are you more likely to purchase the item described or the item showed?  This also makes your offer more likely to generate Likes and shares.  

 The more “liked” and “shared” your product, the more traffic it will receive, resulting in higher sales.
Further, try to relate your offer to someone or something that is already popular with your target demographic.  If you are appealing to middle-aged men/women of the middle/upper class who are likely to make a business investment that has already been endorsed by someone they may admire like Robert Kiyosaki feature that in your advertisement. 

Circulation and cross-pollination of advertisements is a sure way to improve sales.  People no longer visit just one website, we keep several tabs open while working online – if a potential customer sees the same advertisement two or three times, he will have more and more exposure to talk himself into joining your team.  He may even share the opportunity with friends/coworkers resulting in even more traffic.  Never fear over-exposure!

Once you’you've begun to successfully market your product, you’ll want to measure the return on your social media investment.

To your success
Lucy Bieri

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